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ESDIS Mission Statement

The Earth Science Data and Information System (ESDIS) Project is responsible for providing scientific and other users access to data from NASA's Earth science missions:

  • Data products from EOS and other NASA Earth science missions are stored at several Distributed Active Archive Centers (DAACs) to support interactive and interoperable retrieval and distribution of data products.
  • For the design, development, integration, testing, and operation of the science systems, the ESDIS Project provides:
    • Project management
    • Systems engineering
    • Technical direction
  • To evolve the capabilities of EOSDIS to support changing user requirements, the ESDIS Project coordinates development of scientific, discipline-unique functions at the DAACs.
  • The ESDIS Project is part of the Earth Science Projects Division, the designated Earth science program management office for flight, ground, and science performed at the GSFC.
  • The ESDIS Project supports the Earth Science Division at NASA Headquarters in representing NASA in interagency and international working groups:
    • To develop standards for science information exchange
    • To develop interoperability functions with other data centers

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