Earthdata Search APIs

Earthdata Search is a modern, highly visible web application that helps you search, discover, visualize, refine, and access Earth observation data made available by NASA and other interagency and international partners. Built on top of NASA’s Common Metadata Repository (CMR), Earthdata Search allows users to search for data using a variety of tools such as spatial and temporal selectors and a handy timeline that allows you to easily focus on specific months, days, or hours.

Whether you know specifically what Earth science data collection you are interested in downloading or are simply exploring all data for a research project, Earthdata Search is able to help you find what you need. You can either use the keyword search to find your specific dataset or use a combination of spatial and temporal selectors with the facets in the left panel to browse through available collections.

You may contribute to Earthdata Search's open source code base by visiting the main code repository. There you will find detail instructions for how to setup a local instance of the application and how to contribute to the code base.

Earthdata Search portals reduce the overhead of providing a search interface similar to Earthdata Search to targeted users.

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