Templates for NASA Data Management Plans


Each organization funded by NASA to produce science data is required to prepare a Data Management Plan (DMP) at the time it is funded and to maintain it as a living document by reviewing it periodically and ensuring that it is up-to-date. NASA has developed templates to assist in tailoring new DMPs to the specific types of activities that different organizations perform. Data producers should provide a DMP to NASA's Distributed Active Archive Centers (DAACs) covering data products they will deliver. DAACs may also choose to develop more general DMPs to describe their data operations.

These templates provide guidance to data producers and DAACs in the creation of Data Management Plans.


DMP Templates for both data producers and DAACs were updated in early 2019 to include recommendations on how to better describe the quality of the subject data products. These recommendations were derived from recommendations developed during 2014-2016 by the Data Quality Working Group (DQWG), one of NASA’s Earth Science Data System Working Groups. While the DQWG’s focus is on the Data Quality section of the DMPs, other sections have also been updated to account for the DQWG recommendations since capturing and conveying information on data quality also involves data production, stewardship, discovery and access.

Note: The guidelines provided in the “DMP Template for Data Producers” document are not intended to be directly applied to the brief DMPs submitted along with proposals in response to NASA solicitations. However, the DQWG does recognize that solicitations requesting a brief initial DMP may benefit from the inclusion of some of the basic recommended DQ information that is either already known or expected to be delivered as a result of the planned work as indicated in the proposal. It is therefore recommended that, at their discretion, specific NASA Earth Science Division (ESD) programs include language regarding the DQ information to be covered in the initial DMPs in response to the respective solicitations.

DMP Template for Data Producers

Data Management Plan Guidance from NASA's Earth Science Data Systems Program

Recommendation Document (ESDS-RFC-032v1.pdf)

DMP Template

DMP Template for DAACs

Recommendation Document (ESDS-RFC-031v1.pdf)

DMP Template

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