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ESDS at the Hybrid AGU Fall Meeting 2021

NASA's Earth Science Data Systems (ESDS) Program and Earth Science and Data Information System (ESDIS) Project look forward to welcoming you to the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Hybrid Fall Meeting 2021 to help you learn more about NASA’s Earth science data resources, open-source science, advances in Earth Data infrastructure, and more! ESDS, ESDIS, and Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC) representatives are presenting a variety of workshops, sessions, eLightning sessions, and posters.

You can search the table by session, authors, keywords, theme, and date. All dates and times below are listed in Eastern Standard Time (UTC/GMT-5).

Key: SMD= Science Mission Directorate, DAAC= Distributed Active Archive Center, IMPACT= Interagency Implementation and Advanced Concepts Team, CSDA= Commercial Smallsat Data Acquisition

Hidden Column Session Title Date Time Authors/Presenters   Type Theme
01 SCIWS9 NASA Data Made Easy: Getting Started With Synthetic Aperture Radar 12/11/21 09:00 Cynthia Hall (Presenter), Heidi Kristenson, Africa Flores-Anderson, and Helen Baldwin Workshop Data Systems
02 SCIWS31 Enabling Analysis in the Cloud Using NASA Earth Science Data 12/12/21 09:00 Cynthia Hall, Makhan Virdi, Alexis Hunzinger, Amy Steiker, Catalina M Oaida, Aaron M Friesz, Erin RobinsonJulia S. Stewart Lowndes, Luis Alberto Lopez, Andrew Barrett, Christine Smit, Jack James McNelis, and Shubhankar Gahlot
Workshop DAAC, Cloud
03 GC11A-07 Detection and Sourcing of Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) in Urban Coastal Waters with UV-Visible Imaging Spectroscopy 12/13/21 07:53 Joshua P Harringmeyer (Presenter), Karl Kaiser, David R Thompson, Michelle M Gierach, Curtis L. CashÂ, and Cedric G Fichot Poster SMD
04 ED12A-01 Bringing Research to New Heights: How CASEI Integrates Data Curation, Discovery, and Education in Earth and Atmospheric Science 12/13/21 09:46 Shelby Bagwell (Presenter), Danielle Groenen, Stephanie Mullins Wingo, Camille Woods, Ashlyn Shirey, Lucia Alonso Guzman, Deborah Smith, Rahul Ramachandran Oral IMPACT
05 SY12B-02 NASA ESD'S Digital Twin Earth 12/13/21 10:48 Elena Steponaitis (Presenter),Yaitza Luna-Cruz, Kevin J Murphy, Katie Baynes, Gerald F. Guala eLightning Data Systems
06 H13G-05 Global Surface Area Variations of Large Lakes and Reservoirs From SAR Observations 12/13/21 12:05 Matthew Bonnema (Presenter), Cedric H David, Renato P. M. Frasson, Sang-Ho Yun, and Catalina M Oaida Oral SMD
07 SY14A-05 Integrated Digital Earth Analysis System (IDEAS) 12/13/21 14:05 Thomas Huang (Presenter), Cedric H David, Catalina M Oaida, Sujay V Kumar, Paul W Stackhouse Jr, and David Borges Oral Partnerships
08 GC15B-0685 Progress in Developing a Prototype Science Pipeline and Full-Volume, Global Hyperspectral Synthetic Data Sets for NASA's Earth System Observatory's Upcoming Surface, Biology and Geology Mission 12/13/21 15:00 Jon Jenkins (Presenter), Peter Tenenbaum, Yohei Shinozuka, Bill Wohler, Andrew Michaelis, Jennifer L Dungan, Ian G Brosnan, Vanessa B Genovese, Weile Wang, Michelle M Gierach, Philip A Townsend and Benjamin Poulter Poster SMD
09 A15A-1599 Remote Imaging Spectroscopy for the Sub-Mesoscale Ocean Dynamics Experiment 12/13/21 15:00 David R Thompson (Presenter), Michelle M Gierach, Amala Mahadevan, Pantazis Mouroulis, Melissa Omand, Ernesto Rodriguez and J. Thomas Farrar Poster SMD
10 GC15B-0677 Imaging Spectroscopy Processing Environment on the Cloud (ImgSPEC): A Prototype of an Open Science, Scalable Processing Environment 12/13/21 15:00 E. Natasha Stavros (Presenter), Philip A Townsend, Hook Hua, Sujen Shah, Namrata Malarout, Winston Olson-Duvall, Marjorie Lucas, William Phyo, David R Thompson, Justin Merz, Amruta Vidwans, Adam Chlus, Alexander Torres, Dan Yu, Michelle M Gierach and Kevin M Marlis Poster Cloud
11 B15J-1549 Past the Precipice? Coral Loss and Projected Refugia Under Global Warming 12/13/21 15:00 Ayesha Ekanayaka, Emily Lei Kang, Elias Charbel Massoud, Mark Edward Baird and Michelle M Gierach Poster SMD
12 IN15D-0396 Infusion of AI/ML Technology into Operational NASA Data Systems 12/13/21 15:00 Christopher Lynnes (Presenter), Iksha Gurung, Sara H Lubkin, Joseph Rincione, Edward M Armstrong, Muthukumaran Ramasubramanian, Ashish Acharya, Valerie Dixon Oral Discussion Machine Learning/AI
13 C15G-0876 SnowEx Data Access Tools and Resources 12/13/21 15:00 Steve Tanner (Presenter), Mikala Beig Poster DAAC
14 A14H-02 Extremely Cold Texas in February 2021 - One of the Coldest Februarys in Four Decades: The Story Told with Multiple Datasets Curated at
12/13/21 15:33 Xiaohua Pan (Presenter), Hualan Rui, Andrey K Savtchenko, Suhung Shen, Feng Ding, Carlee F Loeser, Guang-Dih Lei, Chung-Lin Shie, Lena Fornito Iredell, and Jennifer Wei eLightning DAAC
15 IN14B-04 Error Tracking at the CDDIS and Communication with the User Community 12/13/21 15:39 Justine Woo (Presenter), Benjamin Michael, Sandra Blevins eLightning DAAC
16 IN14A-08 Time and the Value of Data: One Aspect of Changing Data Sharing Behaviors 12/13/21 16:07 Bruce E. Wilson Oral DAAC
17 IN15B-06 BERT-E: An Earth Science Specific Language Model for Domain-Specific Downstream Tasks 12/13/21 16:15 Prasanna Koirala (Presenter), Muthukumaran Ramasubramanian, Iksha Gurung, Manil Maskey, Rahul Ramachandran eLightning IMPACT
18 B15I-1539 A Survey of Earth Observation Data Needed by U.S. Federal Agencies 12/13/21 17:00 Katrina Virts (Presenter), Brian Freitag, Cerese Albers, Stephen McNeal, Rahul Ramachandran Poster IMPACT


IN15D-0396 Infusion of AI/ML Technology into Operational NASA Data Systems 12/13/21 17:00

Christopher Lynnes (Presenter), Iksha Gurung, Sara H Lubkin, Joseph Rincione, Edward M Armstrong, Muthukumaran Ramasubramanian, Ashish Acharya, Valerie Dixon, Alicia Aleman, Christopher Gokey and William Valencia
Poster Machine Learning/AI
20 NH15E-0495 Themed GIS Web Maps using NASA Datasets 12/13/21 17:00 Allison Alcott (Presenter), Cynthia Hall, Garret Layne, Matt Cechini, Binita KC, Jason Barnett, and Brian Tisdale Poster GIS
21 IN14A-07 Lessons from the Frontline: Preserving Earth Science Data 12/13/21 17:02 Jeanne Behnke (Presenter), Sara Lubkin Oral DAAC
22 A23B-03 The EUREC4A-Ocean/Atmosphere Campaign: Status 12/14/21 07:28 Johannes Karstensen (Presenter) Oral SMD
23 A23B-02 The Atlantic Tradewind Ocean and Atmosphere Mesoscale Interaction Campaign (ATOMIC): Plumbing the Ocean Depths and Probing the Atmosphere 12/14/21 07:52 Paquita Zuidema (Presenter) Oral SMD
24 IN21A-05 Machine Learning pipeline for Earth Science using Sagemaker 12/14/21 09:23 Iksha Gurung (Presenter), Muthukumaran Ramasubramanian, Shubhankar Gahlot, Andrew Bollinger, Manil Maskey, Rahul Ramachandran Oral IMPACT
25 IN22B NASA's Land Science Investigator-led Processing System (Land SIPS): Ensuring Continuity of Data Records between Terra, Aqua, Suomi-NPP, and NOAA20 12/14/21 10:54 Sadashiva Devadiga (Presenter), Miguel Roman, Chris Justice, Robert Wolfe, Sudipta Sarkar, Carol Davidson, Ye Gang eLightning Data Systems
26 IN020 Online Data Visualization and Analysis: Challenges and Opportunities 12/14/21 10:57 Zhong Liu (Presenter), Jenifer Wei, Vasco Mantas, Menglin Jin, and David Meyer eLightning Data and Information Services for Interdisciplinary Research and Applications in Earth Science
27 A25C-1682 Validating salinity from SMAP with Saildrones and research vessel data during ATOMIC-EUREC4A 12/14/21


Kshawn Hall (Presenter), Alton Patrick Daley Jr, Shanice Whitehall, Sanola Sandiford, and Chelle Gentemann Poster



IN23B Verb Sense Disambiguation for Densifying Knowledge Graphs in Earth Science 12/14/21 12:57 Ashish Acharya (Presenter), Ashish Acharya, Carson Davis, Derek Koehl, Muthukumaran Ramasubramanian, Shubhankar Gahlot, Iksha Gurung, Rahul Ramachandran eLightning



IN23A-03 Data System for NASA's Commercial Smallsat Data Acquisition Program 12/14/21 13:57 Aaron Kaulfus Oral CSDA
30 A25J-1812 A Novel Machine Learning Method for Surface PM2.5 Estimations from Geostationary Satellites 12/14/21 16:00 Georgios Priftis (Presenter), Aaron Kaulfus, Muthukumaran Ramasubramanian, Shubhankar Gahlot, Iksha Gurung, Manisha Khatri, Peiyang Cheng, Pawan Gupta, Manil Maskey, Rahul Ramachandran, Sundar Christopher, Haeyong Chung eLightning Machine Learning/AI
31 B25G-1541 Carbon Monitoring System (CMS) Data and Services at the GES DISC 12/14/21 17:00 Thomas Hearty Poster DAAC
32 A25O-1868 Sentinel-6 Radio Occultation Product Released by NASA GES DISC to Supplement Satellite Remote Sensing Datasets for PBL Study 12/14/21 17:00 Feng Ding (Presenter), Irina Gerasimov, Lena Iredell, Michael Theobald, David Meyer Poster DAAC
33 A25P What (and How) MERRA-2 Reanalysis Data Are Used in Applied Sciences 12/14/21 18:00 Suhung Shen (Presenter), Xiaohua Pan, Guang-Dih Lei, Irina Gerasimov, Jennifer Wei, David J Meyer Poster DAAC
34 IN31A-08 Trend Analysis of AI/ML Tools and Services in NASA 12/15/21 08:21 Slesa Adhikari (Presenter) Muthukumaran Ramasubramanian, Iksha Gurung, Ashish Acharya, Manil Maskey eLightning Machine Learning/AI
35 U31A-02 Critical Remote Sensing for the Geosciences (Invited)  12/15/21 09:10 Yaitza Luna-Cruz Oral SMD
36 IN32B-06 Learning How to Surf Ocean Data in the Cloud: PO.DAAC Explorations of Science Data Access and Formats 12/15/21 09: 32 Jack McNelis (Presenter), Catalina M Oaida, Jorge Vazquez, Matthew A Thompson, Michelle M Gierach, Mike Gangl, Edward M Armstrong, Jinbo Wang and Suresh Vannan Oral Cloud
37 U34A-02 Science for the World: Transform to OPen Science (TOPS) (Invited) 12/15/21 09:33 Chelle Gentemann (Presenter), Steven Crawford, Kevin J Murphy, Kevin Ward, Katie Baynes, Rahul Ramachandran, and Yvonne Ivey Oral Open Science
38 IN32B-03 Integrating Multi-agency Data Products in a Cloud-based Platform for Streamlined Discovery, Visualization, and Use 12/15/21 11:05 Dana Ostrenga (Presenter), 

Stephanie Mullins Wingo, Alex Mandel, Alexandra Kirk, Mark Boyd, Aimee Barciauskas, Gian Dilawari, Manan Dalal, Rahul Ramachandran

Oral Cloud


IN33B-04 GES DISC's ArcGIS Image Service with Integrated Multi-satellitE Retrievals for Global Precipitation Measurement (IMERG) Data  12/15/21 12:45 Allison Alcott (Presenter), Andrew Batchelor, Michael C Beron, Binita KC, Marston Ward, Keith Bryant, Jennifer Wei, and Angela Li eLightning GIS
40 G35C-0304 A Cloud-based Operational Surface Water Extent Mapping Service from Sentinel-1 SAR 12/15/21 13:00 Franz J Meyer (Presenter), Thomas Meyer, Batuhan Osmanoglu, Joseph Kennedy, Heidi Kristenson, Jordan Bell, Lori Schultz, Andrew Molthan, Mir Matin Poster Cloud
41 IN33A-04 Leveraging Citizen Science and Artificial Intelligence for Monitoring and Estimating Hazardous Events 12/15/21 14:06 Shubhankar Gahlot (Presenter), Muthukumaran Ramasubramanian, Iksha Gurung, Manil Maskey Oral


42 IN33A-05 Fostering Open Science Inclusiveness for Interdisciplinary Users of Earth Observations 12/15/21 14:12 Christopher Lynnes (Presenter), Katie Baynes Oral Open Science
43 SY34A-05 An Overview of Multiple Capacity Building Approaches Employed by the Synthetic Aperture Radar Capacity Building Center (SAR-CBC) Project 12/15/21 14:55 Franz J Meyer (Presenter), Eric Ross Anderson, Vanesa Martin, Emil A. Cherrington, Africa Ixmucane Flores Anderson and Robert Griffin eLightning Communications/Outreach
44 IN35D-0416 Development of a Cloud-based Data Match-Up Service (CDMS) in Support of Ocean Science and Applications 12/15/21 15:00 Stepheny Perez (Presenter), Nga Chung, Thomas Huang, Vardis M Tsontos, William Phyo, Shawn R Smith, Homer McMillan, Thomas Cram, Zaihua Ji, and Kimberly Sparling Poster Cloud
45 IN35D Emerging Cloud-Based Technologies for Earth Science Data Archival and Analysis III 12/15/21 16:00 Aimee Barciauskas, Kaylin Bugbee, Aaron S Kaulfus, Alex Mandel, Laura Duncanson, Hook Hua, George Chang Poster Cloud
46 C35H-0972 Comparison of Long-Term Hemispheric and Regional Sea Ice Extent Trends from Passive Microwave Sea Ice Climate Records 12/15/21 16:00 Walt Meier (Presenter), J.S. Stewart, A. Windnagel, F.M. Fetterer Poster DAAC
47 C35H-0984 Winter Snow Depth on Arctic Sea Ice and Sea Ice Thickness (2003-2020) from AMSR and AVHRR measurements 12/15/21 16:00 Sang-Moo Lee (Presenter), A.J. Gasiewski, H. Shi, B.J. Sohn, W. Meier, G. Dybkjaer Poster


48 IN35D-0417 Zarr-Based Analysis-Ready Data in the Cloud with Chunk-Level Cumulative Sums 12/15/21 17:00 Hailiang Zhang (Presenter), Mahabal Hegde,Christine Smit, Long Pham




A35D-1659 Features of Atmospheric Parameters and the Potential Impact During/Due to COVID-19 Lockdown 12/15/21 17:00 Chung-Lin Shie (Presenter), Linette Boisvert, Mircea Grecu, David J Meyer




IN42A-02 International Community Guidelines for Sharing and Reusing Quality Information of Individual Earth Science Datasets 12/16/21 08:53 Carlo Lacagnina (Presenter), Ge Peng, Ivana Ivanova, Robert R Downs, Hampapuram Ramapriyan, David F Moroni, Yaxing Wei, Lesley A Wyborn, Dave Jones, and Anette Ganske Oral Data Systems
51 NH41A-01 Using NASA LANCE Near Real-Time Earth Observations for Disaster Risk Reduction 12/16/21 09:09

Tian Yao (Presenter), Karen Michael, David S Green, Diane Davies, Miguel O Roman

Oral Data Systems


IN42A-03 Earth Observation Data Provenance for Future Climate Research - Requirements and Challenges 12/16/21 09:58 John F Moses (Presenter), Deborah K Smith, Hampapuram Ramapriyan Oral Data Systems
53 NH44A Remote Sensing: Monitoring, Prediction, and Hazard Mitigation of Hydroclimatic Extreme Events I  12/16/21 13:30 Ali Mehran (Presenter), Alireza Farahmand and Katayoun Mobasher Oral SMD


U43E-02 Developing an Open Source Science Ecosystem for NASA 12/16/21 14:40 Kevin Murphy (Presenter), Steven Crawford, Katie Baynes, Chelle Gentemann Innovation Open Sciece
55 IN43B-02 Benefits and Challenges of Developing Standards for Earth Observations 12/16/21 13:48 Siri Jodha S. Khalsa


Adopting Principles to Enhance Capabilities for Using Earth Science Data II
56 IN43B-03 Stewardship Best Practices for Improved Discovery and Reuse of Heterogeneous and Cross-Disciplinary Earth System Data 12/16/21 13:51 Ge Peng (Presenter), Deborah Smith, Stephanie M Wingo, and Rahul Ramachandran eLightning


57 NH45D Remote Sensing: Monitoring, Prediction, and Hazard Mitigation of Hydroclimatic Extreme Events II  12/16/21 15:00 Ali Mehran (Presenter), Alireza Farahmand, and Katayoun Mobasher


58 IN45C-0470 Supervised Machine Learning Approach for Classifying Earth Science Publications 12/16/21 16:00 Rohan Dayal (Presenter), Irina Gerasimov, Armin Mehrabian, Jennifer Wei, Mohammad Khayat, Andrey Savtchenko Poster Machine Learning/AI
59 IN45H X-Informatics: Data Science Methodologies Critical to Creating Scientific Insights From Artificial Intelligence II 12/16/21 16:00 Muthukumaran Ramasubramanian (Presenter), Iksha Gurung
Bethany Kuo
Rahul Ramachandran


IN45H-0519 Exploring Semantic Search Capability of Graph Convolutions Over a Knowledge Graph Built Using Earth Science Corpora 12/16/21 16:00 Muthukumaran Ramasubramanian (Presenter), Iksha Gurung
Bethany Kuo
Rahul Ramachandran



IN45C-0467 Exploring the Landscape of Earth and Space Science Informatics Using Latent Topic Modeling 12/16/21 16:00 Muthukumaran Ramasubramanian (Presenter), Kaylin Bugbee
Iksha Gurung
Anisha Kabir



IN45F-0500 New Ways of Facilitating Improved Data Discovery and Access for NASA's Suborbital Earth Science Observations 12/16/21 16:00 Stephanie Wingo (Presenter), Deborah Smith, Carson Davis, Camille Woods, Shelby Bagwell, Danielle Groenen, Ge Peng, Ashlyn Shirey, Lucia Alonso Guzman, Emily Foshee, Jillian Ethridge, Ankur Shah, Rahul Ramachandran Poster



IN45C-0470 Supervised Machine Learning Approach for Classifying Earth Science Publications 12/16/21 16:00 Rohan Dayal (Presenter), Irina Gerasimov, Armin Mehrabian, Jennifer Wei, Mohammad Khayat, Andrey Savtchenko Poster Machine Learning/AI
64 IN45H-0518 Populating a Graph Database to Run a Usage-Based Discovery Tool 12/16/21 17:00 Vincent Inverso (Presenter), Christopher Lynnes, Andrew Cramer, Vanessa Chatman, Elena Steponaitis Poster Machine Learning/AI
65 IN45F-0493 Connecting Disciplines and Data in Earth and Environmental Synthesis Research: Enabling International and Interdisciplinary Data Discovery, Integration, and Reuse 12/16/21 17:00 Cerese Albers or  Andrew Molthan (Presenters), Andrew Molthan, Gerald Bawden, Rahul Ramachandran,  Brian Freitag, Katrina Virts Poster  IMPACT
66 IN45E-0490 Application of a Dataset-Publication Knowledge Graph for Improving Earth Science Data Search 12/16/21 17:00 Kristina Stoyanova (Presenter), Irina Gerasimov, Armin Mehrabian, Edward Jahoda, Jennifer Wei, Long Pham, Mohammad Khayat Poster Data Systems
67 IN45E-0490 Development of a Knowledge Graph for Dataset Discovery and Identification at a NASA Data Center 12/16/21 17:00 Nathaniel Crosby (Presenter), Kristina Stoyanova, Rohan Dayal, Irina Gerasimov, Armin Mehrabian, Jennifer Wei, Long Pham, Mohammad G Khayat, Edward Jahoda Poster Machine Learning/AI
68 IN45C-0476 NASA’s Earthdata Forum: Bringing the Science Community Togetherr 12/16/21 17:00

Ingrid Garcia-Solera (Presenter), Renee Vanessa Key, Crystal Gummo, Farley K Reynolds, Joseph Koch, David J Westberg, and John Kusterer

Poster DAAC
69 IN45G-0514 Building ArcGIS Services in AWS for NASA GES DISC Data 12/16/21 17:00 Peisheng Zhao (Presenter),

Wenli Yang, Angela Li, Long Pham, Jennifer Wei, David J Meyer, Eugene Yu

Poster Cloud


GH45A-04 Harnessing NASA Earth Observations to Understand Environmental Conditions Leading to Disease Outbreaks 12/16/21 17:15 Cynthia Hall (Presenter), Josh Blumenfeld, Kevin Ward eLightning

Data Systems


IN51B-07 Evolution of the CEOS Analysis Ready Data Framework 12/17/21 07:18 Edward M Armstrong (Presenter), Adam Lewis, Steven T Labahn, Zoltan Szantoi, Matthew Steventon and Andreia S Siqueira eLightning SMD


IN51B-01 Holistic and Pragmatic Standards Processes Enable Interdisciplinary Science 12/17/21 08:00 Mark A. Parsons (Presenter), Daniel C. Berrios, Emily Fosheee eLightning Data Systems


C51A-02 Discovery and Open Access to Cryospheric Tools and Data Use Tutorials at the National Snow and Ice Data Center 12/17/21 08:12 Amy E. Steiker (Presenter), A.P. Barrett, L. Lopez, W. Meier Oral



IN51B-04 A Framework for Assessing Earth Observation Metadata Quality: Implications for Data Discovery and Open Science 12/17/21 09:09 Jeanne le Rou (Presenter), Kaylin Bugbee, Aaron Kaulfus, Camille Woods, Valerie Dixon, Christopher Lynnes, Rahul Ramachandran eLightning IMPACT
75 IN52B-08 CEOS Ocean Variable Enabling Research & Applications for GEO (COVERAGE): A Platform to Simplify and Expand the Accessibility and Usage of Inter-agency Satellite and In-Situ Oceanographic Data 12/17/21 09:09 Vardis M Tsontos (Presenter), Jorge Vazquez, Thomas Huang, Joseph Charles Jacob, Joe T Roberts, Mike Chin and Flynn Platt eLightning


76 C51A-02 Discovery and Open Access to Cryospheric Tools and Data Use Tutorials at the National Snow and Ice Data Center 12/17/21 09:12 Amy Steiker (Presenter), Andrew P Barrett, Luis Lopez, and Walt Meier Oral DAAC
77 IN51B-09 Advancing Open Science through Public-Private Partnerships 12/17/21 09:24 Elizabeth Fancher (Presenter), Rahul Ramachandran eLightning


78 GC51A-05 Exploring the Pacific Arctic Seasonal Ice Zone with Saildrone USVs 12/17/21 09:25 Andrew M Chiodi (Presenter), Chidong Zhang, Edward D Cokelet, Qiong Yang, Calvin W. Mordy, Chelle Gentemann, Jessica N Cross, Noah Lawrence-Slavas, Christian Meinig, Michael Steele, Don Harrison, Phyllis J Stabeno, Heather M. Tabisola, Dongxiao Zhang, Eugene F Burger, Kevin O'Brien, Muyin Wang, and Joshua Osborne eLightning SMD
79 IN51B-01 Holistic and Pragmatic Standards Processes Enable Interdisciplinary Science 12/17/21 10:00 Mark Parsons (Presenter), Dan Berrios, Emily Foshee eLightning



U51B-19 Cloud-Performant Reading of NetCDF4/HDF5/Grib2 Using the Zarr Library 12/17/21 10:24 Lucas Sterzinger (Presenter), Martin Durant, Richard P Signell, Chelle Gentemann, Kevin Paul, and Julia Kent Innovation IMPACT


IN51A-05 The Next Evolution of EOSDIS 12/17/21 09:27 Andrew Mitchell (Presenter), Jeanne Behnke, Tracy Zeiler, Mark McInerney, Diane Hronek Oral Cloud


U51B-20 Collaborative Science in Oceanography 12/17/21 10:28 Sanola Sandiford (Presenter), Shanice Whitehall, Alton Patrick Daley Jr, Kashawn Hall, and Chelle Gentemann Poster Open Science


IN52A-03 An Efficient Tool for Making Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents Easy to Author, Locate, and Access 12/17/21 10:58 Deborah Smith (Presenter), Bradley Baker, Ashish Acharya, Aaron Kaulfus, Kaylin Bugbee, Daniel da Silva, Ricardo Mestre, Leo Thomas, Shawn Foley, Rahul Ramachandran Oral IMPACT



NASA Earthdata Access in the Cloud Using Open-Source Libraries 12/17/21 12:50 Amy Steiker (Presenter), 

Julia S. Stewart Lowndes, Erin Robinson, Catalina M Oaida, Luis Alberto Lopez, Aaron Friesz, Andrew P Barrett, Makhan Virdi, Jack McNelis

Union Session

85 IN55C-02 Open Oceanography - FOSS science (Invited) 12/17/21 13:03 Chelle Gentemann Poster Open Science
86 IN54A-06 pyQuARC: Open Source Library for Earth Observation Metadata Quality Assessment 12/17/21 15:58 Jenny Wood (Presenter), Jeanne le Roux, Slesa Adhikari, Ashish Acharya, Prasanna Koirala, Iksha Gurung, Camille Woods, Samuel Ayers, Bradley Baker, Emily Foshee, Andrew Weis, Stephen McNeal, Shelby Bagwell, Kaylin Bugbee, Rahul Ramachandran Oral Data Systems
87 IN55E-0278 How Discipline-Oriented DAACs Collaborate to Support Interdisciplinary Earth Science 12/17/21 16:00 Sara Lubkin (Presenter), Jeanne Behnke Poster


88 B55Q-08 Mapping Russian Olive: Using Remote Sensing and Modeling to Detect and Map an Invasive Shrub along the Powder River in Montana and Wyoming to Inform Management Efforts 12/17/21 16:00 S. Cunningham (Presenter), Catherine R. Buczek, Carly Andrews, Karissa Courtney, Dahlia Shahin, Amy Tian Poster Remote Sensing, Applied Earth Science
89 A55R-1669 Simplifying the Analysis of Satellite CH4, CO2, and Related Observations Using Data Services at the GES DISC 12/17/21 17:00

Thomas Hearty (Presenter), Andrey K Savtchenko, Jennifer Wei, Jian Zeng, Jennifer M. Adams, Dave L. Meyer, Xiaohua Pan, Suhung Shen, Lena Fornito Iredell



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