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Feature Articles

Photo showing a controlled burn of a forest on a hill side.

A prescribed fire is applied to a Pinus nigra stand in Portugal. (Courtesy P. Fernandes)

Explore some of the stories behind the data in these feature articles highlighting research activities around the world, spanning the earth science disciplines.

Health and Air Quality Articles

Read how researchers are using NASA data to assess air quality, determine aerosol and trace gas levels, and to assess the impacts of both on public health.

Wildfire Articles

Read about the effect of forest fires on the atmosphere and climate and how fire managers use satellite data to monitor fire conditions.

Freshwater Articles

Read about the ways researchers study wetlands, drought, precipitation and more, using NASA satellite data.

Biodiversity Articles

Read about the ways researchers study biological diversity, species distribution, habitat suitability and more, using NASA satellite data.

Disasters Articles

Read about the ways researchers study disasters, like cyclones, earthquakes and volcanoes, extreme heat, floods, and landslides, using NASA satellite data.

Sea Level Change Articles

Read about the ways researchers study factors contributing to sea level change as well as the impacts, using NASA satellite data.

More Resources

Tools and Technology Articles

Find up-to-date news and information about NASA’s data tools and technology. Articles cover technology informatics, data and tools in action, and topics in standards and interoperability.

Who Uses NASA Earth Science Data?

Meet some of the members of our diverse end-user community who are using data for research and applications around the world.

EOSDIS Update—the EOSDIS Quarterly Newsletter

The Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) Update is a quarterly newsletter featuring data set and data tool news, top stories, featured data images and data user profiles.

Sensing Our Planet

A complete list of all articles that describe research uses of Earth observing data from the EOSDIS Distributed Active Archive Centers (DAACs).

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