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User Resources

Find information, tutorials, data tools and recipes, webinars, and other learning resources to help you find, access, and use NASA Earth science data, information, data services, and data tools.

Learn About the Cloud

Cloud Primer for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

This primer provides step-by-step tutorials on how to get started in the AWS cloud. Some of the topics covered include: understanding and managing costs in the AWS cloud; creating and connecting to an AWS Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) instance; creating cloud storage using AWS Single Storage Service (S3) buckets; and accessing AWS-hosted S3 Earthdata.

Learn About Data

Data Toolkits

Data Toolkits are designed as entry points to access NASA Earth science data resources organized by topic. They contain links to datasets, tutorials and how-tos, feature articles and Data User Profiles, as well as other useful information.
Photo of a freshwater lake and the logo for Data Toolkit: Freshwater Availability.
Data Pathfinders

Data pathfinders provide direct links to the most commonly-used data sets and data products across NASA’s Earth science data collections. They provide datasets through commonly used tools which provide different ways of visualizing the data, options for subsetting the data, and options for saving the data in different file formats.
Screenshot of the Data Pathfinder webpage.
Webinars and Tutorials

The NASA Earthdata data discovery and data access webinars, and short video tutorials span the Earth science disciplines and are designed to help users learn about NASA EOSDIS data, services and tools and show users how to work with these data resources.
Logo for NASA Earthdata Webinars
Data Recipes

Data recipes are tutorials that include step-by-step instructions to help users learn how to discover, access, subset, visualize and use Earth science data, information, tools and services. These recipes cover many different data products across the Earth science disciplines and different processing languages/software.
Data Tools

Find data manipulation tools that are organized into categories for functions such as searching and ordering data, subsetting and filtering, geolocation and mapping tools, and visualization and analysis.

Explore Feature Articles

Feature Articles
Explore some of the stories behind the data in these feature articles highlighting research activities around the world, spanning the Earth science disciplines.

2018 Data User Profile Yearbook- CoverData User Profiles
These featured Data User Profiles showcase the work of our diverse end-user community worldwide, and show you not only how these data are being used for research and applications, but also where these data are being used—from the plains of West Texas to the Sea of Oman and everywhere in between. You’ll also learn where you can download the data sets in each feature.

Data Chats
Informal discussions with scientists, managers, and members of our diverse data-user community provide personal insights into how NASA’s Earth observing data are being used around the world.

Data, Technology, and Tools Articles
Links to all articles, organized by topic.

SOP 2017 Sensing Our Planet Featured Stories
Featured stories, from 1994 to 2018, highlighting the interdisciplinary usage of NASA Earth observing data from NASA's Earth Observing System Data and Information System's (EOSDIS) discipline specific Distributed Active Archive Centers (DAACs). These stories span the Earth science disciplines and communicate the value of Earth observing data for the benefit of society.

EOSDIS Quarterly Update- Summer 2019 Newsletter Cover ImageEOSDIS Quarterly Newsletter
Quarterly newsletters highlight NASA Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) efforts supporting the acquisition, processing, and dissemination of NASA Earth science data, and features recent activities and achievements in bringing these data to you. Each issue features data set and data tool news, highlights of our top stories, featured data images, and data user profiles.

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RSS Feeds
Find the various RSS feeds that are available from EOSDIS components and related sites.

Outreach Products
Suite of printed materials such as posters, fact sheets and brochures that help users find, access, and use NASA EOSDIS data holdings.

Related URLs
List of helpful links to related resources and other NASA programs.

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