1. Celebrate Earth Day 2017 with NASA at Union Station on Thursday, April 20th

Celebrate Earth Day 2017 with NASA at Union Station on Thursday, April 20th

Join NASA to celebrate Earth Day at Union Station in Washington, D.C., and around the world.

Josh Blumenfeld, EOSDIS Science Writer

NASA is having a celebration of our planet—and you’re invited! Join NASA astronauts, scientists, and educators at Washington’s Union Station Thursday, April 20, to celebrate Earth Day. Events take place from 9am to 5pm in the station’s Main Level and are open to the public.

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You'll receive a stamp in a NASA passport for each activity you complete. Complete six or more activities and receive a special NASA take-home kit! NASA image.

NASA’s Earth Day event features hands-on activities for all ages designed to increase your knowledge about the world around you. Pick up a NASA Passport at the Information Station and stop by the 20 activity areas to find the answers to questions including:

  • Where’s the best place to see and safely observe the total solar eclipse this August?
  • How is a cloud formed?
  • What does spandex have to do with space time?

Staff from NASA’s Earth Science Data and Information System (ESDIS) Project will be on hand to show how you can explore new ways to look at Earth using the innovative Worldview application. In addition, NASA scientists and educators will use NASA’s cutting-edge Hyperwall to show amazing animations.

Want to meet a NASA astronaut? You can from Noon to 1pm (and see a really neat exhibit of NASA spacesuits throughout the day). Plus, you can use the digital photo booth to create a cool science image you can take home.

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If you can’t make it to Union Station, you still can participate in NASA Earth Day activities. As part of the worldwide Earth Day celebration, NASA is giving you the opportunity to virtually “adopt” a piece of Earth. Visit NASA’s Adopt the Planet website to receive your piece of the planet and explore a corner of the world you may not be familiar with. You’ll receive a personalized adoption certificate for your unique numbered piece of Earth to print and share on social media. The certificate features NASA Earth science data collected for your location, which is a view of the planet you might not have seen before. While the certificate is yours to keep, you won’t actually “own” your piece of Earth—just in case you were wondering!

NASA’s ESDIS Project is responsible for managing NASA’s huge collection of Earth science data, which you can access through the Earthdata website and explore using the innovative Worldview data visualization application. These data are acquired 24/7 from field observations, aircraft, and a constellation of Earth observing satellites. ESDIS is part of the Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS), which is a key core capability in NASA’s Earth Science Data Systems (ESDS) Program.

Earth Day is celebrated worldwide every April 22, and seeks to broaden awareness of the Earth and environmental protection. For more information about NASA Earth Day activities at Washington’s Union Station, check out NASA’s Earth Observing System website.

Published April 18, 2017

Last Updated: Oct 18, 2019 at 11:48 AM EDT