1. NASA EOSDIS 2019 Data User Profile Yearbook Released!

NASA EOSDIS 2019 Data User Profile Yearbook Released!

2019 Data User Profile Yearbook- Cover ImageNASA’s Earth Science Data and Information System (ESDIS) Project is pleased to present the 2019 NASA Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) Data User Profile Yearbook. From using nighttime lights data to tracking economic development in sub-Saharan Africa to monitoring the effects and consequences of global sea level rise, data in the EOSDIS collection enable a wide range of research—and are helping to solve a few mysteries (such as the reasons behind the sudden death of more than 50 caribou on a remote island in the Canadian Arctic). The EOSDIS Data User Profile series showcases these scientists, researchers, managers, and educators along with the data products that make their work possible. Our Data User Profile Yearbook gives you a taste of the breadth of research enabled by the vast NASA EOSDIS data collection. Download your copy of the 2019 edition!

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