Earthdata Tools APIs

NASA's Earthdata system provides a number of tools and services geared towards supporting the global Earth Science community. These services are available for use by developers of Earth Science data systems and applications, including:

  • Earthdata Status App
    The Earthdata Status application provides notification banners for the Earthdata web site and other related applications. Notifications are configured at a central location ( and made available to client applications through a public Representational State Transfer (REST) API, Javascript widgets, and end-user-facing status pages.
  • Earthdata User Interface
    The EUI is a collection of responsive design components, layouts, and best practice guides geared toward creating websites and applications within the Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) ecosystem.
  • Feedback Module
    The Earthdata Feedback Module provides tools for accepting and handling user feedback on your web applications. The user feedback is stored in a Kayako tracking system.
  • Tophat2
    Tophat2 is the Earthdata menu bar that you see across the top of your screen on many Earthdata websites. You can embed this into your web site, providing your users easy access to many of the data centers and sources in the Earthdata system.

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