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Mission logo showing the Terra satellite at the top and the words "EOS Terra" curving along the top right followed in a clockwise direction with the names of each of the Terra instruments (MOPITT, MODIS, MISR, CERES, ASTER). In the center are icons depicting land, clouds, rain, and a volcano with "NASA GSFC" along the bottom center.

From Terra to Terra Firma
NASA’s Terra mission soon will shift from its operations phase to what NASA terms Phase F: decommissioning. Here's what this means for the upcoming years of this groundbreaking satellite. (April 19)

VIIRS Instruments Become More Essential As Terra and Aqua Drift from their Traditional Orbits
Recent maneuvers by NASA in February 2020 and March 2021 signal the eventual retirement of the agency's Terra and Aqua satellites, paving the way for the VIIRS instruments of the Joint Polar Satellite System to take the lead in providing critical Earth system observations. (April 6)

ORNL DAAC Releases GEDI Level 4B Dataset Offering Gridded Estimates of Aboveground Biomass Density
The latest dataset from the GEDI mission provides gridded estimates of aboveground biomass density at greater accuracy and resolution than previously available. (April 5)

Harmony: Subset, Regrid, and Reproject Data in the Cloud
Harmony, NASA’s Earthdata Cloud Services System, allows users to produce analysis-ready data by subsetting, reprojecting, and converting data to a cloud-optimized format. (March 31)

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Small image of Kristin Poinar
Explore our recent Data User Profile of Dr. Kristin Poinar.

Read the stories behind the data in these articles highlighting research activities from around the world and spanning the breadth of NASA Earth science.

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Find up-to-date news and information about NASA’s data tools and technology. Articles cover technology informatics, data and tools in action, and topics in standards and interoperability.

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Meet some of the members of our diverse end-user community who are using data for research and applications around the world.


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