Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS)

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AIRIBRAD_NRT.005 L1B IR geolocated radiances 13.18 N/A
AIRIBRAD_NRT_BUFR.005 324-channel subset of L1B IR geolocated radiances in BUFR format 1.64 N/A
AIRVBRAD_NRT.005 L1B Vis/Near-IR geolocated radiances 1.36 N/A
AIRABRAD_NRT.005 L1B AMSU-A1 & AMSU-A2 combined, geolocated & calibrated brightness temperatures 0.14 N/A
AIRIBQAP_NRT.005 L1B IR quality assurance subset 0.58 N/A
AIRVBQAP_NRT.005 L1B Vis/Near-IR quality assurance subset 0.15 N/A
AIRS2RET_NRT.006 L2 standard retrieval product using AIRS IR only 0.91 Worldview Browse Note: this product is split in to 26 layers in Worldview
AIRS2CCF_NRT.006 L2 cloud-cleared radiances using AIRS IR only 3.24 N/A
AIRS2SUP_NRT.006 L2 support product using AIRS IR only 4.93 Worldview Browse Note: this product is split in to 4 layers in Worldview

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