Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer 2 (AMSR2)

Notice (7 May 2020): We have identified a potential irregularity in the AU_DySno data set that results in what appears to be an artificial, uniform boundary in SWE values extending across North America. The Principal Investigators are actively examining the data to determine the source of the artificial boundary. Where SWE data values exist, there is confidence that the SWE values are valid. However, users should be cautious when using the data where no data values exist in the northern hemisphere until further notice.

NRT AMSR2 products are generated within three hours of observation, using preliminary algorithms provided by the NASA-funded US AMSR2 Science Team, with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency NRT Level 1 R (L1R, resampled brightness temperatures) as input. NASA standard products are available from NASA's National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC).

Other Sources of AMSR2 Data Products:

  • The JAXA AMSR Science Team generates its own suite of AMSR2 products.
  • Remote Sensing Systems generates an extensive suite of intercalibrated products (columnar water vapor and cloud liquid water over oceans, ocean wind speed, sea surface temperature) from many passive microwave satellite instruments. View their AMSR2 ocean products.


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NRT AMSR2 Unified Global Swath Surface Precipitation GSFC Profiling Algorithm

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NRT AMSR2 Unified L2B Global Swath Ocean Products


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*Please see warning note at the top of this page.
NRT AMSR2 Unified L3 Global Daily 25 km EASE-Grid Snow Water Equivalent
Data User Guide
Recipe: How to convert to GeoTIFF using Python and ArcGIS

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NRT AMSR2 Unified L3 Daily 6.25 km Polar Gridded 89 GHz Brightness Temperatures
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AU_SI12_NRT_R04 NRT AMSR2 Unified L3 Daily 12.5 km Brightness Temperature & Sea Ice Concentration
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AU_SI25_NRT_R04 NRT AMSR2 Unified L3 Daily 25 km Brightness Temperature & Sea Ice Concentration Polar Grids
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NRT AMSR2 Unified L2B Half-Orbit 25 km EASE-Grid Surface Soil Moisture Beta Version 2
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45MB (HDF-EOS5),
35MB (NetCDF/CF)

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