Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR)

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  • Data outages and known issues
  • Near Real-Time versus Standard Products
  • Data provider: Atmospheric Science Data Center (ASDC)
  • MISR/Terra
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    MISR NRT Level 1 Ellipsoid Data V001
    doi: 10.5067/Terra/MISR/MI1B2_ELLIPSOID_NRT_L1.001
    29.707 Worldview Browse
    MI1B2_TERRAIN_NRT.001 MISR NRT Level 1B2 Terrain Data V001
    doi: 10.5067/Terra/MISR/MI1B2_TERRAIN_NRT_L1.001
    15.310 N/A
    MI2TC_CMV_HDF_NRT.001 MISR NRT Level 2 Cloud Motion Vector parameters V001
    doi: 10.5067/Terra/MISR/MI2TC_CMV_HDF_NRT_L2.001
    0.007 N/A
    MI2TC_CMV_BFR_NRT.001 MISR NRT Level 2 Cloud Motion Vector parameters in BUFR format V001
    doi: 10.5067/Terra/MISR/MI2TC_CMV_BFR_NRT_L2.001
    0.001 N/A

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