Commercial Smallsat Data Acquisition Program Activities

The Commercial Smallsat Data Acquisition (CSDA) program identifies, evaluates, and acquires data from commercial sources that support NASA's Earth science research and application goals. As the program moves into its sustaining phase, the program is reaching out to the NASA scientific community via science meetings, workshops, and conference presentations enabling the sustained use of the purchased data for broader use and dissemination.

Over the last year, CSDA has presented conference sessions and brown bag seminars to provide more detail about the program and a series of vendor brown bags introduce the vendors, provide specifications on the instruments they are deploying, describe how data are processed, and outline how scientists can access and use the data.

In addition to presenting and hosting brown bags and seminars, the program is highlighting the publications of NASA-funded researchers who are using the data.

Meetings, Conferences, and Brown Bag Presentations

Earth Science Data System (ESDS) and CSDA staff frequently present sessions and workshops at major science meetings and conferences and host brown bags presented by the selected commercial small satellite vendors. As sessions and brown bags are completed, we will post them to this page.

Meeting and Conferences

CSDA Town Hall, AGU 2019, Kevin Murphy, December 10, 2019

CSDA Side Panel Discussion, AMS 2020, Kevin Murphy, January 13, 2020

Brown Bags

CSDA Brown Bag, NASA HQ, Alfreda Hall, Dr. Manil Maskey, Dr. Will McCarty, and Dr. Compton Tucker, March 2020

Introduction to DESIS Imagery, NASA HQ, Amanda O’Conner and Yvonne Ivey, April 9, 2020

Introduction to the Planet Constellation of Satellites and Imagery Data, NASA HQ, Dr. Tanya Harris, May 7, 2020

Introduction to TCloud and DESIS Data, NASA HQ, Yvonne Ivey, Kara Burch, and Heath Lester, May 21, 2020

Spire Earth Observations for NASA's CSDA, webinar, Dallas Masters, Steve Moran, Vladimir Irisov, et al., July 22, 2020. 

For questions concerning how to access commercial data, please contact the CSDA Data Management team.

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